Aeroplane Monthly 1988-07
A.Henshaw - Miles for the Cup!
Miles M.2H Hawk Major G-ADLB, entered by Maj G. W. G. Allen and flown by Owen Cathcart-Jones.
All pictures of the Sparrowhawk G-ADNL bearing the race number 9 were taken at the time of the aircraft's participation in the 1935 King's Cup air race. This photograph was taken shortly before the start of that race, at Hatfield on September 6. The other Miles types on the line include the Miles Hawk Majors G-ADOD, G-ADNK and G-ADLB, Miles Hawk Trainer G-ADLN and the Miles Falcon Six G-ADLC.
(Hawk Speed Six G-ADOD, Hawk Trainers G-ADLB and G-ADLN, Hawk de Luxe G-ADNK and Falcon G-ADLC)
The Hatfield sheds filled with competitors’ aircraft, mostly Miles Hawks and Falcons.
Miles M.2R Hawk Major G-ADLN was the mount of Fg Off H. R. A. Edwards, brother of E. C. T. Edwards and pilot of Gull G-ADOE. Both men had a deep-rooted dislike of publicity.
The Miles contingent starting up for the first day’s racing.
Delightful view of Hawk Major G-ADLB, powered by a 130 h.p. de Havilland Gipsy Major engine. This aircraft was sold abroad in July 1936.
F. D. Bradbrooke, pilot of Miles M.2T Hawk Major G-ADNK. Bradbrooke was a staff member of The Aeroplane. He was killed in August 1941 whilst flying in a Liberator on the BOAC Atlantic Ferry Service.
The Miles Hawk Speed Six flown by Miss "R. Slow", alias Ruth Fontes. The Miles M.2U was powered by a 200 h.p. de Havilland Gipsy Six R engine. Ruth Fontes was the sister of Luis Fontes, pilot of Hawk Speed Six G-ADGP.
Abyssinia? Flt Lt. Rose snapped only five minutes before the start of the Eliminating Race.
Tommy Rose doing his Francis Drake bit - nonchalently reading the News Chronicle five minutes before the race.
Caryl Napier and Flt Lt E. C. T. Edwards discuss a point in front of Percival Gull G-ADOE.
George Reynolds about to flag off A. H. Tweedle in Avro Avian G-ABME, the oldest and slowest aircraft.
Fred Miles, who competed in Sparrowhawk G-ADNL; the aircraft was designed by his wife Blossom less than two months before the race.