Aeroplane Monthly 1988-07
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The sole Parnall Imp, G-EBTE, an attractive two-seat cantilever biplane powered by a 80 h.p. Genet II engine. First flown in 1927, at Yate, the Imp was raced into eighth place in the 1928 King’s Cup race, flown by Flt Lt D. W. Bonham Carter - note the faired-in front cockpit. The Imp was scrapped in December 1933.
Westland’s managing director, Robert Bruce, first owned this Westland Widgeon, registered in July 1927. It was raced into second place in that year’s King's Cup race, averaging 103 m.p.h. for the course. The Widgeon was destroyed in a crash at Yeovil on June 3, 1931. A lorryload of Pratts stands by.
Westland Widgeon G-EBRM was owned and flown extensively by R. G. Cazalet and based at Wexford. Some time after this picture was taken ’RM was converted to Mk IIIA standard and given a metal fuselage and divided-type undercarriage. The original Cirrus III engine was replaced by a 105 h.p. Hermes I. Note the car-type cockpit door.
A Halifax VI of 102 (Ceylon) Sqn, based at Pocklington, over the North Sea on its way back from a groundcrews' sightseeing flight over defeated Germany in June 1945.
One of 102 Sqn’s Halifax VIs, DY-F, photographed during the same sightseeing trip. The guns had been removed to accommodate seven lucky groundcrew and give them all a grandstand view from the turrets.
Another view of Halifax VI DY-F. The pilot on the trip was Fg Off Boyd, and Fg Off Podmore flew the camera aircraft.
The original Bristol Type 76 Jupiter Fighter G-EBGF, registered in August 1923. Its short life was ended on November 23, 1923 when its engine seized at a great height. Pilot T. W. Campbell escaped. Previously 'GF had been displayed in the new types park at that year's Hendon RAF Pageant. Note the spare propeller strapped to the fuselage.
The prototype Comper Swift, G-AARX, photographed at Castle Bromwich circa 1930. Built at Hooton Park in 1929, 'RX was powered by a 35 h.p. ABC Scorpion engine.
Northern Air Lines' D.H.9 G-EBJW after a minor mishap. Formerly H9333, this D.H.9 was civil-registered in August 1924. A three-seater powered by a 300 h.p. ADC Nimbus, it ended its days with the Stag Lane-based Air Taxis Ltd, being withdrawn from use in 1928.
Photographed at Tangmere in 1951, Mosquito NF.30 RK942 of 29 Sqn runs up its engines in preparation for some PIs (Practice Intercepts). “The bulbous nose of the night fighter version of the Mossie didn’t detract from its good looks”, says Ken Wright. “It was one of my favourite aircraft out of some 40 types I flew, and was a dream for low-level work".
Sgt Dicky Grant, with whom Ken Wright went through Mosquito conversion at Swinderby, in front of his Mosquito.
The NCO crew of RK942 about to go on a PI sortie.
The handsome ANEC IV Missel Thrush, G-EBPI, was designed by J. Bewsher for the 1926 Daily Mail lightplane trials at Lympne. It was destroyed on July 20, 1928 while competing in the King’s Cup race. It crashed in poor weather near Peebles, killing its owner/pilot.