Aeroplane Monthly 1989-05
J.Meadows - A Decisive Factor (4)
An unusual contribution from the Canadian War Heritage of Ontario was this RCAF Cessna T-50 Crane, powered by a pair of Jacobs radial engines. A total of 826 Cranes served in the RCAF.
One surviving airworthy Crane is this example, owned by the Canadian Warplane Heritage. Crane 7862 is one of two airworthy examples in Canada.
Cessna Crane I 7754 following an undercarriage failure at No 1 Central Navigation School RCAF at Rivers, Manitoba in July 1941. This Crane survived until the end of November 1945.
The Canadian-built D.H.82C Tiger Moth, first flown in March 1940, was more suited to operating in Canada, being equipped with a sliding cockpit canopy. Early D.H.82Cs were fitted with Gipsy Major IC engines; the 125 h.p. Menasco was also used, although heavier and less powerful than the Gipsy.
A pair of RCAF Stearmans following a taxying incident in Canada.
Fairchild Cornell FH687 flying over typical winter terrain in Canada in 1943. Used extensively by EFTSs in Canada, the type was later licence-built in that country. Powered by a 175 h.p. Ranger inline engine, the Cornell cruised at 105 m.p.h. at 2,050 r.p.m. at sea level.