Aeroplane Monthly 1989-10
R.Williams - Atlas: a supporting role (2)
Part of a batch of 26 Atlas Trainers delivered to the RAF between April and June 1930, photographed at Whitley Abbey. In the background at left may be seen the S.E.5a G-EBIB.
Atlas AC J9039 of 26 Sqn. A couple of Siskins are just visible behind it.
Atlas AC J9956 of 2 Sqn demonstrating its message pick-up capabilities at RAF Mansion in November 1930.
The second prototype Atlas II, G-ABIV, photographed after it was fitted with a new fin and rudder in an attempt to improve spin recovery. Powered by a supercharged Panther IIIA engine, the Atlas made its first flight in May 1931.
Half a dozen Atlas Trainers under construction at Whitley Abbey. The Atlas remained in production until 1933. Of the 446 total built, 175 were Trainers. Entering RAF service in October 1927, with No 26 Squadron, the type was eventually supplanted by the Hawker Hart and Audax.
The second prototype Atlas II was originally marked A-3. It received the marks G-ABIV in October 1931, after flight testing had been completed. It was kept by the parent company and used for Tiger engine development work.
An Atlas AC of 208 Sqn on patrol in the Middle East. Based at Heliopolis, the squadron flew the Atlas from May 1930 until August 1935.
Atlas Trainer K2523 of 5 FTS seen at RAF Sealand. Part of a batch of 53 Trainers delivered to the RAF between September 1931 and July 1932, this Atlas became 723M in October 1935.
Atlas II G-ABIV in its fully developed form.
BRITISH AIRCRAFT TYPES WHICH ARE BEING FLOWN AT EL PALOMAR: 4, Armstrong-Whitworth "Atlas," with Armstrong-Siddeley "Jaguar" engine.
Fitted with a Mk I fuselage and Mk II wings, Atlas AC G-EBYF was used for Mk II development.
The same aircraft with Tiger engine and modified rear fuselage.
The third Atlas Mk II, G-ABKE, was completed in September 1931 and was delivered to 4 Sqn at Farnborough for service evaluation. It later passed to 16 Sqn at RAF Old Sarum for night-flying trials.
Atlas AC 409 of the Royal Canadian Air Force. This aircraft served with No 22 (AC) Sqn at Trenton, Ontario and later at Rockcliffe. Two batches of Atlases were exported to the RCAF: a batch of six was supplied by Armstrong Whitworth between 1927 and 1929, and a batch of former RAF aircraft was sent out in 1934.
Two views of the balanced gun turret fitted to Atlas II G-ABIV in 1934.
The cockpit of the Tiger-engined Atlas test machine, G-ABIV. Most of the labelling relates to the test engine.
The gunner’s cockpit in the Atlas I, with the pilot’s cockpit forward.
The Atlas II prototype G-EBYF photographed following its landing accident at El Palomar aerodrome, Argentina on March 23, 1931. The aircraft was shipped back to Whitley and repaired.
Left, rebuilt Atlas I JR9961 of 208 Sqn snapped after overturning at Suez Road on June 8, 1934.
Right, rebuilt Atlas AC KR1011 of No 4 FTS photographed, probably, following its take-off accident at Abu Sueir on September 26, 1935.