Aeroplane Monthly 1989-10
Personal album. Civil
Two detail photographs of the KLM Douglas DC-3 PH-AST Tapuit. The last of KLM's DC-3 fleet, 'ST went into service after March 1939. On May 10, 1940 this DC-3 was destroyed by German bombs at Schiphol Airport.
Ensign G-ADSZ Elysian was first flown in June 1939 and is seen here during its early days of service.
A last look at peacetime Croydon from the airport buildings. War clouds loom - note the two RAF Wellesleys parked just in front of the distant hangars.
D.H.86A G-AEJM, owned by Wrightways Ltd and based at Croydon from 1936 until the outbreak of war.
Sabena Savoia Marchetti S.73 OO-AGO. Powered by three 600 h.p. Gnome-Rhone 9Kfr Mistral Major radial engines, the trimotor normally carried 18 passengers and a crew of five.
Close-up detail of the four 550 h.p. Bristol Jupiter XFBM radial engines of the Short L.17 Scylla G-ACJJ. Interestingly, G-ACJJ does not have Imperial Airways London painted beneath the two forward windows. An additional window seems to have been added just forward of the A in the registration letters, normally a recognition feature of the second L.17, Syrinx, after its rebuild.