Aeroplane Monthly 1990-07
E.Gandet - Farewell little "Vampi"
GANDET'S colour photographs depicting Vampire J-1122, a Zielfliegerkorps target aircraft, were taken over the Swiss Alps on October 13, 1989.
Swiss D.H. Vampire FB Mk 6 J-1008 pictured as it landed at Hatfield after flying from Dubendorf on August 20, 1974. Now exhibited at the Mosquito Aircraft Museum at nearby Salisbury Hall, the Vampire was a gift from the Swiss Air Force.
Vampire Mk 1 J-1003 pictured in between test flights in 1949 at Sion.
Swiss-registered Junkers Ju 52s ferried D. H. Goblin engines from Hat­field to Emmen - these two are pictured at Hatfield in October 1950.