Aeroplane Monthly 1991-06
R.Nesbit - The Tsetse and the U-boat (2)
M-class minesweepers under attack by Beaufighters in Bourgneuf Bay on August 8, 1944.
Sperrbrecher 7, formerly the merchant vessel Sauerland of 7,087 tons, under attack off Royan by rocket-firing Beaufighters from Davidstow Moor on August 12, 1944. The vessel was badly damaged.
The Type VIIC U-boat U-1065 under attack by Mosquitoes of the Banff Strike Wing in the Skaggerrak, a few moments before she was destroyed. Inset, the Mosquito Mk XVIII, or Tsetse, which had four nose-mounted 0-303in machine-guns (most operational aircraft had two) in addition to a 57mm Molins gun beneath the nose.
The flash as a six-pounder shell fired by a Tsetse of 248 Sqn streaks towards the German vessel Wartheland, 3,768 tons, in Eidfjord on December 12, 1944. The vessel sank.
Flak over a German convoy, photographed off Den Helder during an anti-shipping attack on September 25, 1944.
An airman holds a 57mm shell in front of a Molins gun-equipped Mosquito Mk XVIII.
Two of the U-boat men who were wounded by the shell of the Tsetse, holding the nose cone of the aircraft in May 1989. Kurt Muller is on the left, Hans Hallmann on the right. A close-up of the nose cone is seen at right