Aeroplane Monthly 1991-06
P.Jarrett - Nothing ventured... (15)
An anonymous Folland 43/37 fitted with a Sabre engine - February 1941. This ungainly aircraft had an Italian look about it, with a touch of Hurricane thrown in.
The second Folland 43/37, P1775, fitted with a Bristol Centaurus IV.
The same aircraft in March 1942, fitted with a Bristol Hercules VIII engine.
The first Folland 43/37, P1774, photographed in August 1941 fitted with a Sabre II.
1940-е годы - испытания британских поршневых двигателей. Folland Fo 108 строился специально для испытаний двигателей. Разработанный в соответствии с техническим заданием 43/37, Fo 108 имел экипаж из трех человек, а первая из 12 заказанных машин была поставлена в 1940 году. На машине испытывали различные типы силовых установок, включая Bristol Centaurus и Napier Sabre (на снимке).
First of the Folland Fo.108 flying test-beds built to Spec. 43/47, P1774 is shown fitted with a 2,100-h.p. Napier Sabre I engine in August 1941
The third Folland 43/37 with what appears to be a Sabre II engine fitted. P1776 was written off in a flying accident on August 28, 1944.
Further view of Fo.108 P1774 fitted with a Sabre II (Sabre I ???) and photographed in August 1941. Note window behind cockpit for observers' cabin.
The anonymous Folland 43/37 Engine-test Monoplane fitted with Napier-Sabre liquid-cooled power-unit. The view taken in February 1941.
The fourth Folland 43/37, P1778, at Hatfield in 1946, with a close-cowled Sabre installed. Note the ducted wing radiators and leading edge slats, and the four-bladed propeller.
Folland 43/37