Aeroplane Monthly 1990-08
Personal album
The Hampshire Aero Club’s Tiger Moth G-AISR flying over Netley near its Eastleigh base on August 24, 1947. Formerly T6068 with the RAF, 'SR was sold in Italy as I-GIVI in February 1965.
General Aircraft GAL 42 Cygnet G-AGAX flying from Fairoaks on January 15, 1949. First registered in November 1944 and flown in camouflage as a company communications hack, 'AX was owned by R. C. Cox when this photograph was taken.
Former ATA ferry pilot David Cotter flying Fairchild Argus G-AJPI near White Waltham on July 3, 1947. Formerly 43-14887 and HB614, it was registered G-AJPI the week that this photograph was taken.
The late Joan Russell, formerly Nayler and an ATA pilot, flying her D.H.80A Puss Moth G-ABYP Widget from White Waltham on July 3, 1947. She escaped injury when the Puss crashed and burnt out at Eaton Bray a month after this photograph was taken.
Former Fairey chief test pilot Peter Twiss flying the Tipsy Junior OO-TIT from White Waltham on August 26, 1948. The 22ft 7 1/2 in span Junior was first flown on June 30, 1947.
The sole Miles M.7A Nighthawk photographed on a flight from Redhill on October 3, 1948 lan Forbes is probably the pilot. G-AGWT was put together in 1944, using the wings of a Miles Mohawk and a Miles M.7 Nighthawk fuselage. Powered by a 205 h.p. D.H. Gipsy Six Series II engine, the aircraft received its C of A on March 15, 1946. It was used by Raceways Ltd, an air taxi company based at Woodley. Following a period in Kenya as VP-KMM, the M.7A returned to the UK in August 1961 as VR-TCM.
Mosquito FB.Vl TA373 snapped at Luqa, Malta on November 17, 1947 while being ferried from the UK to New Zealand. The Hatfield-built aircraft was flown by Richard Livermore with Bob Greig navigating. The FB.Vl was the most widely used Mosquito fighter; about 2,500 were built.
Leavesden-built Mosquito NF.36 RL236 at Kabrit, Egypt while on a reverse flight to the UK, on March 30, 1953. Richard Livermore was the pilot, with Flt Lt Evans navigating. This night-fighter variant equipped post-war RAF squadrons until 1953.

Ночной истребитель "Москито" NF36 на английской базе в Египте, 1953 г.
Another view of Mosquito NF.36 RL236, taken al Kabrit, Egypt on March 30, 1953.
De Havilland Mosquito PR.34 RG190, built at Hatfield, pictured at RAF Fayid, Egypt in November 1950 during a ferry flight escorting Big Brother Vampire convoys to Singapore.
Richard Livermore with navigator Bill Simpson flew Mosquito PR.34 PF626 from the UK to Fayid, Egypt on October 5,1948.
Hatfield-built Mosquito PR.34A RG268 of the Far East Ferry Flight al Fayid in November 1950 - pilot Fg Off Connors. It was used to escort Big Brother Vampire convoys to Singapore.
Another view of Mosquito RG190. This aircraft returned to Mauripur, Karachi on one engine with six Vampires after a radiator burst at 25,000ft on January 2, 1951.
Royal Australian Air Force Mosquito PR.41 A52-316 photographed outside the de Havilland factory at Sydney, Australia on December 17,1947.