Aeroplane Monthly 1990-08
P.Kucera - Czech fifties (1)
L-BAHD being manhandled. Note the non-standard wheels with square cross-section tyres, possibly taken from a Farman Goliath, an example of which can be seen in the background.
L-BALG, formerly G-EBKJ, photographed near Brandys, north of Prague.
The Walter W-IV engine, of BMW origin, used to power Aero-built D.H.5OAs.
G-EBFO, the second de Havilland-built D.H.50, pictured during its visit to Prague on May 30, 1924 with Lord Thomson aboard. Note the flaps on the upper and lower wings.
The first Aero-built D.H.50A at Prague-Kbely state civil aerodrome.
G-EBFO photographed at Prague-Kbely aerodrome on its way to the Far East in early 1925.
L-BAHC on one of its inaugural flights during the 1928 season. The CSA aeroplanes wore the dark blue/silver livery of the day.
L-BALG seen with Walter W-IV engine and exhaust pipe below the starboard wing and alongside the fuselage.
Two views of L-BAHC taken during pre-flight checks, showing detail of struttery and bracing wires.
Another air-to-air view of L-BALG near Prague.
The Walter-engined L-BALG with dark blue fuselage of a later period. Note the exhaust pipe below the fuselage.
L-BAHD photographed during refuelling at Prague circa 1926-27.
Czechoslovakian licence-built D.H.50As being built in the main hall of the Aero factory al Prague-Vysocany during the winter of 1925-26.
L-BAHA photographed following its forced landing at Kosice aerodrome in East Slovakia on June 26, 1930.