Aeroplane Monthly 1991-07
P.Jarrett - Nothing ventured... (16)
This side view of the first GAL 55 clearly shows the bellows-operated flaps.
These views show GAL 55 NP671 at a later stage of its tests, with cable deflectors fitted at the top and base of the fin, and fairings on the main undercarriage legs.
The GAL 55 featured side-by-side seating and a tricycle undercarriage. Although it was first flown at the end of 1943, “mid-trixie” was not evaluated by the AFEE until mid-1945.
The tricycle undercarriage of the GAL 55 was called for in the official specification, TX.3/43.
General Aircraft GAL55 training glider NP671 ended its days awaiting disposal outside the “M” Flight Hangar.
The side-by-side seating and mid-wing design are apparent in this head-on view of GAL 55 NP671.
The GAL 55’s tail bumper was thought inadequate to protect the empennage against damage in landings at high angles of attack.
General Aircraft GAL 55