Aeroplane Monthly 1991-07
P.Skinner - Back to Berlin
An AC2 clears the first Dakota in the wave to taxy up the apron to the peri-track.
Presentations at Gatow. Senator Wagner and Gp Capt Eustace both hold 30 Sq memorabilia; Wg Cdr Andrew Johnstone, standing next to Wg Cdr David Guest, carries the symbolic lump of coal.
German labourers load Dakota KN496 with coal at RAF Fassberg, Germany.
Diversions from Buckeburg to Wunstorf on July 2, 1950: Dakota C Mk IV KN419 with BEA Dakota Freighter G-AGIZ in the background.
25 or so Dakotas loading and unloading, probably during operation Plainfare.
Clear to start No 2. MALM Peter Colven supervising the external start of the Hercules for the return flight to RAF Lyneham.
Wg Cdr Andrew Johnstone watching Wg Cdr David Guest en route to Gatow.
The Hercules taxying in at Gatow.