Aeroplane Monthly 1991-07
R.Day - Confessions of an airline pilot (3)
Another photograph of Cambrian Dragon Rapide G-ALAT Anglesey, awaiting customers.
Cambrian's Dragon Rapide G-ALAT, named Anglesey, was delivered in May 1949 and sold in June 1954.
Cambrian Rapide G-AKUB was named Glamorgan was delivered to the airline in April 1948. In January 1955 it was sold.
Cambrian Rapide G-AKUC Monmouth was delivered in May 1948 and remained with the airline until January 1955.
Cambrian Proctor I G-AHEV Denbigh, delivered to the airline in March 1946 and withdrawn from use in June 1959.
A later photograph of Proctor I G-AHEV, taken at Cardiff in April 1951.
Cambrian Proctor I G-AHEU Montgomery at Elstree in the late Forties. The company sold the aircraft in June 1954.
Proctor I cockpit
Cambrian Auster Autocrat G-AIGY at Elstree in the late Forties. It was delivered to the company in November 1946 and was written off at Pwllheli on August 1, 1950.
Auster Autocrat G-AGVU was delivered to the company in January 1946 and was named Caernarvon. It was sold in February 1952.
Cambrian Autocrat G-AFWN Pembroke was delivered new in January 1946 and remained with the company until it was sold in May 1953.