Aeroplane Monthly 1991-09
??? - Spitfire Notebook (11)
Spitfire VIII JF299 was first flown on January 30, 1943 and is seen here in September the same year fitted with a reinforced teardrop hood and cut back rear fuselage. After flying with the Air Fighting Development Unit at RAF Wittering in August 1943, the aircraft was scrapped in June 1945.
Spitfire VIII JF463 was completed in 1943 and was shipped to North Africa in May that year.
Fine Charles E. Brown photograph of Spitfire VIII JG204, completed in 1943 and used initially for tropical trials at Farnborough. It was later fitted with a Spitfire F.23 wing section.
An attractive view of Spitfire VIII MD351, for which there appear to be no records.