Aeroplane Monthly 1991-09
M.Challinor - 60 years of Ups on the Downs
Kit Nicholson’s Rhonsperber, still seen at Dunstable today but without the attendant plus-fours.
World champion Philip Wills gives the benefit of his experience to an RAF squadron leader before a flight in the spring of 1940.
Ted Hull’s Slingsby Kirby Kite I BGA394 on a winch launch.
A picture for students of wing design: The Imperial College of Science team’s Kirby Kite at Dunstable in July 1938.
Ivinghoe Beacon, with Capt. Needham gliding in a "Professor."
Philip Wills and his Scud II in 1933
Lift-off! Historic Sailplane Group founder Mike Beach’s superb Hols der Teufel takes off from Dunstable last year in the first Hols launch from the site for more than 50yr, and possibly the first ever winch launch of the type.
Grunau Baby IIb BGA578/AQN is back at Dunstable again after 40yr. It is seen here while at the Yorkshire Gliding Club, Sutton Bank.
GOING AFTER THE BRITISH RECORD: On July 29 Flt. Lt. E. L. Mole, R.A.F., remained aloft for 6 hr. 55 min. on the Willow Wren glider designed and built by Mr. Manuel, late Corporal, R.A.F. The flight took place in the region of Totternhoe, Dunstable.
A bungee launch - it was very important that the runners kept running! This was the beginning of Edward Mole’s 6hr 55min record flight from Totternhoe in the Manuel Willow Wren on July 29, 1933.
The innovative clubhouse photographed just after it opened in 1936.
Amy Johnson receiving her first gliding lesson from Jack Rice at Dunstable in 1937. The glider is a nacelled Dagling primary - Amy later bought a Kirby Kite I.
The open version: primaries without nacelles resembled “a five-bar gate suspended below a wing”.
A Schleicher ASH-25 being flown by champion Robin May over the “white lion” and Whipsnade Zoo.
Same background - Dunstable’s famous “bowl”- but contrasting glider: Schleicher ASK-21 BGA2871.