Aeroplane Monthly 1991-10
A.Lumsden - On silver wings (13)
Hawker Demon K5695 was delivered to the RAF towards the end of 1936 and served initially with 23 Sqn. It later passed to No 9 Bombing and Gunnery School and 14 FTS before being struck off charge in December 1940.
The prototype Demon, built as a Hart bomber in 1929, taking off from Brooklands fitted with the Frazer Nash "lobster-shell" turret, fitted in May 1934.
Hawker Demon K2842 served with Nos 23, 601 and 604 Sqns after trials with the A&AEE. In April 1940 it became an instructional airframe. This first production Demon is fitted with standard tilted Scarff gun ring.
Another view of the Demon prototype fitted with the Frazer-Nash turret. J9933 eventually became an instructional airframe in August 1938.
Another photograph of K2842, the first production Hawker Demon.
Two views of the Frazer-Nash "lobster-shell" turret fitted to the Hawker Demon. Though operation of the turret was satisfactory, accurate aiming of the Demon’s front guns was difficult when the turret was moved laterally.
KEITH WOODCOCK’S painting features a pair of 64 Sqn Hawker Demons, K4511 and K4520.