Aeroplane Monthly 1991-11
R.Paver - Audley End's Spitfires
Spitfire Mk V BM597, left, and high-back Spitfire Mk XVI TB252 at Audley End in August 1991.
Historic Flying Ltd’s first Spitfire rebuild, Spitfire LF. XVIE RW382, flying from Audley End during August 1991.
The wings of Eddie Coventry's Spitfire, TD248, in Jig E at Audley End on August 12, 1991.
The Rolls-Royce Merlin from Eddie Coventry's Spitfire, newly completed by Mike Nixon in America.
Clive Denney, left, and Tim Routsis, two of the three-man driving force behind Historic Flying Ltd, in front of Spitfire Mk XVI RW382 at Duxford in July 1991.
Spitfire Mk XVI RW382 mounted on a pylon at RAF Uxbridge in 1981. The aircraft is now airworthy.
The empennage of the Frasca Spitfire Mk XVIIIE TP280, a recent arrival from America.
General view of Historic Flying's Audley End hangar.