Aeroplane Monthly 1991-11
D.Crowley-Milling - Battle of Britain: fact and myth
Luftwaffe aircrew playing cards at their base behind the German lines in 1940 - a Bf 109 lurks in the background. With the Allies' regular visits it is doubtful that many games were finished.
A Heinkel He 111 is raked by eight 0-303in Brownings. This still was taken from a 16mm camera-gun film shot by either a Hurricane or Spitfire.
Heinkel He 111s rained bombs down on England throughout 1940 - this one came down on an east coast town in May 1940, causing considerable damage.
A Heinkel He 111H-3 was damaged by AA fire and then attacked by fighters on September 11, 1940 on its way to bomb London Docks. The aircraft came down at Burmarsh, Kent. The crew set fire to the Heinkel and were then captured. One of the attacking aircraft can be seen at right.
A Luftwaffe crew which managed to get back with a damaged He 111.
Classic Flight picture of Hurricane Is of 111 Squadron up from RAF Northolt in April 1938. The squadron flew Mk Is throughout the Battle from Croydon and Debden, and some of the aircraft seen here took part in the fighting.
This photograph shows pilots of 242 Sqn. The author is at far left and the late Douglas Bader, the Commanding Officer, is seen fourth from the right.
The author holding the windscreen of his 242 Sqn Hurricane after it was hit by fire from a Junkers Ju 88.