Aeroplane Monthly 1991-11
B.Vaughton - Buccaneering with the Navy
An 809 Sqn Buccaneer S.2 makes a high-speed low-level pass before VIPs of the Hellenic Armed Forces on HMS Ark Royal on October 26, 1978. Shock waves over the wings are clearly apparent.
Buccaneer S.2 XT286 on Ark Royal’s steam catapult awaiting launch. 809 Sqn's S.2s remained in service on the Ark Royal until November 1978. They were then transferred to the RAF and some are still in service, although Tornado GR.Is are to replace them by 1995.
A Buccaneer S.2 of 809 Sqn lands on the Ark Royal with split-tailcone airbrakes open and elevators fully up.
The author (left) with Lt-Cdr Colin Walkinshaw, senior pilot of 809 Sqn in 1971, on HMS Ark Royal.
HMS Ark Royal in 1971, equipped with Buccaneers and Phantoms.
Buccaneer S.2 XV353 of 809 Sqn airborne in October 1978 after launch from HMS Ark Royal’s bow catapult. This aircraft dropped eight 540lb bombs during a firepower demonstration for the Hellenic Armed Forces.