Aeroplane Monthly 1991-12
G.Brown - RFC Rendcomb reborn
Sopwith Camel replica G-BPOB arriving at Rendcomb in the hands of "Flying Officer" Tony Bianchi, just after successfully trouncing the Red Baron in his Fokker triplane.
Fokker Dr I replica G-ATJM and Lindsay Collection S.E.5E G-BLXT outside Rendcomb's RFC-style hangars. The buildings' modern structures have been clad in wood for period effect.
Visitors to Rendcomb on September 15, 1991 included the North Weald-based Great War Combat Team's Fokker Dr I replica N152JS and a number of reduced-scale S.E.5a replicas.
S.E5E G-BLXT is to be a permanent resident at Rendcomb.