Aeroplane Monthly 1991-12
M.Hiscock - Dawn Patroller
RICHARD WINSLADE'S colour plate was taken during the summer near Old Warden, the Nieuport’s current base. Stuart Goldspink was the pilot.
The Nieuport is powered by a nine-cylinder Gnome Monosoupape rotary engine, an extremely noisy powerplant which, although nominally rated at 160 h.p., appears to develop well over twice that power.
The kicking-donkey insignia of aircraft No 5 of the American Expeditionary Force's 94th Aero Squadron.
Nieuport 28 G-BSKS al BAB Henlow during test-flying in early May 1991 - it made its first post-restoration flight on May 6, in the hands of Stuart Goldspink (seen here in the cockpit).
The newly-restored fuselage frame at Skysport Engineering's base near Sandy, Bedfordshire, on April 20, 1990. Much original material was retained, although the longerons had to be replaced to make the structure airworthy.
G-BSKS awaiting a test flight at Henlow in May 1991.
A line-up of unidentified Nieuport 28s (possibly including G-BSKS), S.E.5s and other types assembled for the filming of Hell’s angels in 1930.
Although sparsely-instrumented, the cockpit is better equipped than the original: the central panel containing compass, altimeter and ASI is a temporary addition for flight-testing.