Aeroplane Monthly 1991-12
B.Gunston - A monster from Santa Monica
Lt-Col James Taylor and Maj Stanley Ulmstead chatting at Clover Field just before the latter carried out the first flight of the XB-15.
The 212ft-span XB-19 was first flown on June 27, 1941. The 55min flight was made from Clover Field, Santa Monica with Maj Stanley M. Ulmstead at the controls. This photograph may well show the aircraft shortly after taking off for the first time.
Another view of the XB-19 taken a few weeks before the first flight. In addition to the pilot, Maj Stanley Ulmstead, a crew of seven was carried on the maiden flight.
The same aircraft shortly before the first flight.
The repainted XB-19 pictured at Wright Field early in 1942 following acceptance by the Air Corps in October 1941.
The Douglas XB-19 nearing completion at Clover Field early in 1941. The first flight was originally scheduled for May 17 but had to be postponed while problems with engine backfiring, propeller-pitch control and braking were resolved.