Aeroplane Monthly 1991-12
A.Lumsden - On silver wings (15)
INTERCEPTING EXTRAORDINARY: Our Photographer has caught the Hawker "Fury" (Rolls-Royce "Kestrel" engine) high above the clouds as Mr. Bulman swung it up and out in an Immelmann Turn after "attacking" a Hawker "Horseley" piloted by Mr. Sayer.
An unusual view of Hawker Fury I K1944, from the same initial batch. After service with 43 Sqn it became an instructional airframe in June 1936.
The Kestrel VIS engined Hawker High Speed Fury, with tapered lower wing and carefully-faired struts. The aircraft spent most of its life with Hawker, Rolls-Royce and the RAE and was used as a Kestrel and Goshawk engine testbed.
Fury II K7284 was attached to the Station Flight at RAF Northolt. Delivered towards the end of 1936, it was lost in a forced landing at Fulmer, Bucks in September 1939.
THE CO.: Sqd. Ldr. C. B. S. Spackman, D.F.C., in his Hawker "Fury."
Hawker Fury I K2048, the squadron commander’s aircraft of No 1 Squadron, photographed in April 1933, up from RAF Tangmere.
Hawker Fury I K2051 flew with Nos 1, 43 and 25 Sqns before becoming an instructional airframe in November 1937. K2051 was part of the second batch of 48 RAF aircraft, delivered between January and March 1932.
Hawker Fury I K1926 was the first production aircraft. After a period with the A&AEE and the RAE, it flew with 1 Sqn; it was finally grounded as instructional airframe 928M.
A fine photograph of Hawker Fury I K1926, the first production aircraft from an initial RAF batch of 21 aircraft delivered in April 1931.
25 марта 1931г.: первый полет в Брукленде, Суррей, под управлением флайт-лейтенанта П. У. С. Балмэна выполнил первый серийный истребитель Hawker Fury I (K1926). Он стал первым британским истребителем, превысившим в горизонтальном полете скорость 200 миль в час (322 км/ч). В мае 1931 года самолеты данного типа поступили на вооружение 43-й эскадрильи британских ВВС. На снимке - K1927, второй из трех предсерийных Fury I.
Two views of K1927, the second production Hawker Fury. This too first went to the A&AEE and then to the RAE, after which it joined 43 Sqn before ending up as 1068M in 1938.
KEITH WOODCOCKS painting depicts Fury I K2065, also in the colours of 1 Sqn.
HAWKER FURY I single-seat fighter. One 525 h.p. Rolls-Royce Kestrel IIS engine
The unmarked Hawker Hornet photographed at Brooklands in January 1929. It was the true Fury prototype and later took up the serial number J9682.
Early in 1930 J9682 flew trials with 1 Sqn; but on April 11, 1930, it collided with Siskin J9359 at 3,000ft, shed its top wing and crashed near Chichester, Sussex.