Aeroplane Monthly 1991-12
H.Woodman - The abdominable Blackburd (2)
A Sopwith Cuckoo from the Torpedo Experimental Station at Gosport in 1919 demonstrates the ideal launch, straight and level and from about 20ft. Note the drogue fitted to the tail of the weapon.
A close-up of the undercarriage units of N115 in the Blackburn factory. The forward members have been enlarged to accommodate the experimental hydrovanes.
N114 seen at Martlesham Heath in October 1918. The enlarged rudder and extra tail bracing is apparent.
First prototype Blackburd N113 was delivered to Brough in May 1918 for initial testing, before going to Martlesham Heath the following month.
Front view of N114 in its silver finish at Martlesham. The much larger radiator is apparent in this view.