Aviation Historian 19
J.Franzi - Nine's lives /An eye for detail/
Horrie Miller’s Airco D.H.9C G-AUHT is inspected by the locals at Para field on the outskirts of Adelaide in 1929. Miller acquired D.H.9 G-AUEU in 1925; after it crashed in 1928, Miller built G-AUHT apparently using parts of ’UEU plus new components. It is seen here before Miller modified it for the 1929 Western Australian Centenary Air Race.
Bearing race number “22”, VH-UHT is seen here at Parafield at the end of the 1936 South Australian Centenary Air Race, for which the rear passenger position was faired over and a headrest was installed.
AIRCO D.H.9/9C E-AUEU/G-AUHT/VH-UHT, Horatio C. Miller, 1925-36