Aeroplane Monthly 1993-02
M.O'Leary - Gulfhawk 4th
Magnificently restored Grumman G-58A Bearcat Gulfhawk 4th, painted in the distinctive Gulf Oil house colours
Steve Hinton displays Bearcat NL3025 Gulfhawk 4th on its fourth test flight, on July 28, 1992. Owner and restorer Elmer Ward has had the fuselage modified to house a second seat behind the pilot; provision has also been made for a second set of controls.
The Bearcat, seen here with its cowlings off, is powered by a 2,100h.p. 18-cylinder two-row Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp radial engine.
Elmer Ward in front of his stunning Grumman Bearcat Gulfhawk 4th.
Hinton displays the Bearcat with its undercarriage down. A powerful, compact fighter, the type never saw combat with the American services.
Elmer Ward cranks the R-2800 into life for the first time at Chino on July 25, 1992.