Aeroplane Monthly 1993-03
R.Williams - The whistling wheelbarrow (3)
Argosy XN814 being used for Buddy Tanker trials with a Sea Vixen in 1965.
The prototype A.W.650 Argosy 100, G-AOZZ, is still airworthy in the USA. Owned by Harry Barr and registered N896U, this historic transport is based at Lincoln, Nebraska and was photographed in June 1991 by MICHAEL O'LEARY
XN814, the first A.W.660 C Mk 1, in flight with its clamshell doors open.
A sequence showing three RAF parachute instructors from Boscombe Down dropping from Argosy XN818 in 1961. Note how the men fall cleanly, the deploying ’chute clearing the tailplane and the static lines and bags moving up and out of the way, above the door.
The aircraft under construction at Bitteswell old site in January 1961.
XN814 being flight-refuelled by Valiant B(K).I tanker XD812 in 1964.
Prototype A.W.660 C Mk 1 XN814 flying at the 1961 SBAC show at Farnborough with clamshell doors open.
A.W.650 Argosy G-APRL was fitted with an A.W.660 rear fuselage and flight trials were carried out during 1960-61. Tests revealed that the rear doors needed lengthening.
The Argosy C Mk 1 accommodated 54 fully-equipped troops. Their seats could be folded away as they lined up before dropping.
A.W.650 Argosy