Aeroplane Monthly 1993-03
H.Levy - Pitcairn's pinwheels (3)
Steve Pitcairn’s beautifully-restored Pitcairn PCA-2 NC11609 Miss Champion flying over the New Jersey countryside during the summer of 1986.
Steve Pitcairn's eyecatching PCA-2.
Robert Cooper's PA-39 N3908 pictured some years ago. It is currently owned by the EAA and has been restored to represent one of the RAF PA-39s, but is currently lacking its rotor blades.
Restored Pitcairn PA-39 painted to represent RAF aircraft BW830 (which was actually lost at sea on January 19, 1942), awaiting completion in Steve Pitcairn's hangar and pictured in February 1989.
PA-39 BW829 at the factory in late 1941. It never arrived in Britain - along with two others, it was lost when the ship carrying it across the Atlantic was sunk by a U-boat in January 1942.
PA-39 BW833 at Boscombe Down in December 1941. On November 19, 1942, it was damaged beyond repair.
RAF PA-39s immediately after assembly in late 1941.
Pylon and rotor head of Robert Cooper’s PA-39 N3908
Robert Cooper’s PA-39 N3908. The Autogiro is currently preserved by the EAA.
Cockpit of Robert Cooper’s PA-39 N3908
The G&A Aircraft PA-44/XO-61. Note the angle of thrust of the engine.
PA-44 (XO-61)
PA-36 NX20674 demonstrating its jump take-off capabilities at the Pitcairn works.