Aeroplane Monthly 1993-03
P.Jarrett - By day and by night /The classic inter-war RAF biplane bombers/ (10)
The first prototype Aldershot in original form, with short fuselage and long dorsal fin. The men standing in line with the machine and the Avro Baby just behind them give some idea of the huge size of the 68ft-span bomber.
J6852 after modification to Aldershot III standard, with swept wings, revised aileron controls, oleo undercarriage and horn-balanced elevators - circa December 1924.
Another view of Aldershot prototype J6852 flying with the Beardmore Typhoon engine. Note the long exhaust pipes and the four-bladed propeller.
Avro Aldershot first prototype J6852 pictured in 1927, being used as a testbed for the Beardmore Typhoon engine. In this form the aircraft was known as the Type 549C Aldershot IV.
The first prototype Aldershot with original short fuselage and enlarged rudder balance, circa March 1922. Note the "park bench" aileron balances.
Two views of the prototype Aldershot fitted with a 1,000 h.p. Napier Cub engine, at Hamble in December 1922. Note the four-wheel oleo undercarriage. In this form J6852 became the Aldershot II.
The second prototype, with lenghtened fuselage and swept wings, but with early undercarriage, aileron control and tailplane bracing - circa autumn 1992.
This photograph possibly shows the prototype Aldershot taking off for its first flight from Hamble in October 1921.
THE "AVRO" ALDERSHOT AT THE R.A.F. PAGEANT: This machine is the latest "Hush-hush" production, and is fitted with a 650 h.p. Rolls-Royce "Condor." It won the Handicap Race, event No. 5.
The first prototype Aldershot at the RAF Display at Hendon on June 24,1922, its public debut.
J6853, the second prototype Aldershot, on February 17, 1925, shortly after the completion of modifications which brought it up to Aldershot III standard, with a Rolls-Royce Condor III and swept wings.
One of the prototype Aldershots with wings folded at Hamble. Note the original-type undercarriage.
KEITH WOODCOCK’S painting shows Avro Aldershot III J6947 of 99 Sqn, based at RAF Bircham Newton.
A Patent drawing showing an early stage of Aldershot's design.