Aeroplane Monthly 1993-03
R.Nesbit - Operation Beaufort
Beaufort IA DD959 in a blast pen at Luqa shortly before taking off on June 20, 1942. It was shot down by Junkers Ju 88s from Sicily, but the precise position was not known.
The two Vickers K guns, linked together, in the navigator’s cockpit of a Beaufort. They were sometimes called Vickers Gas-Operated (VGO) and were pan-fed, each containing about 90 0-303in rounds.
The Mk II air-to-surface-vessel radar, brought up from the Beaufort in 1977 and cleaned before being exhibited in the National War Museum of Malta.
A diver sitting on the seat of the turret of the Beaufort in 1977, with another diver approaching the fuselage on the starboard side.
Top, the two Browning 0-303in machine-guns from the turret of the Beaufort, brought up in 1977 and cleaned for exhibition in the National War Museum of Malta.
Bottom, this Browning machine-gun was brought up from the starboard wing in 1992 by Chief Tech Chris Manning and Cpl Al Manning.
A selection of artefacts raised from the area of the Beaufort's cockpit in 1992.
The fuselage of Bristol Beaufort 1A DW805 looking towards the stern, photographed in 1992.
One of the Beaufort’s Bristol Taurus engines being lifted on to a low-loader in 1977.
The box in the Beaufort’s starboard wing, containing a belt of 0-303in ammunition.