Aeroplane Monthly 1993-03
J.Meadows - Flying was still fun (6)
NK870 was the first ambulance Anson XI and was powered by two Cheetah XIX radial engines driving Fairey-Reed fixed-pitch metal propellers.
View of Anson XI PH616, which spent most of its service life with the British Air Attache in Panama. In November 1948 it was sold and became XA-GOX. PH616 was part of a batch of 268 XIs and XIXs delivered to the RAF during 1945.
MG 159 was built in 1943 as an Anson I and was converted to become the prototype Anson XII. After evaluation by the A&AEE MG159 passed to the Controller of Research and Development at Avro. Later, as G-AGNI, it was operated by the Ministry of Aircraft Production and was lost in the Irish Sea on June 11, 1948.
Anson XII NL175, powered by two Cheetah XV radial engines driving Rotol constant-speed propellers. The later Mk XII Series 2 was the first Anson fitted with metal wings.
Interior of a six-seater VIP Anson XI, complete with curtains.