Aeroplane Monthly 1993-04
O.Thetford - By day and by night /The classic inter-war RAF biplane bombers/ (11)
Avro Aldershot squadron colours
Production Aldershot III J6954 of 99 Sqn. Note the wingtip flare brackets, fitted for night flying.
A rare photograph of a lineup of six 99 Sqn Aldershots at RAF Bircham Newton, Norfolk in 1924.
A 99 Sqn Avro Aldershot at Bircham Newton in 1924. Note the unofficial squadron star painted on the undersurface of the lower wing. These were later painted out.
Aldershot III J6943 of 99 Sqn.
Another view of Aldershot III J6944 of 99 Sqn. After squadron service this aircraft went to the Home Aircraft Depot in April 1926.
Avro Aldershot III J6944 of 99 Sqn.
Aldershot III J6942 of 99 Sqn at RAF Bircham Newton. The bomber was not fitted with brakes - hence the size of the wheel chocks.
A production Aldershot. The erks standing in front give some impression of the huge size of the 68ft-span bomber.
A 99 Sqn Aldershot at RAF Bircham Newton with unofficial markings beneath the wings blacked out.
KEITH WOODCOCK'S painting depicts groundcrew of 99 Sqn unfolding the wings of an Aldershot at Bircham Newton in the mid-Twenties.