Aeroplane Monthly 1993-04
??? - Spitfire Notebook (24)
Another view of PK312, the first production Spitfire 22.
The first production Spitfire 22 was PK312, pictured here during maker’s trials. It was first flown on March 21, 1945 and was delivered to High Post for trials a few days later. Initial trials were carried out by the late G.P.Shea-Simonds.
Spitfire 22s of 613 (City of Manchester) Squadron taking part in a display at Woodford in April 1949.
PK713 was built as a Spitfire 22 but was converted to Mk 24 standard and was first flown in February 1946.
Spitfire 22 PK312 was later fitted with a Griffon 85 engine, Spiteful-type tail unit and contra-rotating props in September 1946. In April 1947 PK312 was taken off charge.