Aeroplane Monthly 1993-05
H.Levy - Blue, Green and Red Barons
Fred Murrin’s Dr I reproduction N1858F/"102117".
A pair of Replica Fighter Museum Dr Is on dawn patrol during Aerodrome '92 at Guntersville.
Another of the Dr Is at Aerodrome ’92: the Replica Fighter Museum’s Eberle-built example has a Frank Ryder dummy rotary engine in front of its 180 h.p. Lycoming.
A closer look at the business end of the Eberle-built Dr I, with its convincing glassfibre dummy rotary engine.
Murrin's Dr I is marred only by the lack of rotary cylinders to hide its modern engine - it looks as if it has taken its dentures out.
Frank Ryder, who conceived and organised Aerodrome ’92, piloting Blue Max, one of his Replica Fighter Museum’s Dr Is. This one is powered by a 145 h.p. Warner Super Scarab radial.
The cockpit of Fred Murrin's Dr I - note the sparse instrumentation.