Aeroplane Monthly 1993-07
O.Thetford - By day and by night: Ginnies in service 2
REFUELLING: A demonstration of mid-air fuel supply. The "Tanker," a Vickers "Virginia," has dropped its pipe line, and the observer of the "Wapiti" has just secured the end.
Virginia J7275 demonstrating flight refuelling with Westland Wapiti K1142 at a 1930s RAF Display at Hendon.
Men and machine of 9 Sqn, probably at either RAF Mansion or Boscombe Down, homes of the squadron’s Virginias during the late Twenties and early Thirties. The Virginia is J8912, which spent its entire service with 9 Sqn.
Two photographs taken from the cockpit of a 9 Sqn Virginia X during “skittle-bombing” at the RAF Display at Hendon in 1935. The bombers dropped 8 1/2 lb practice bombs from a height of 400ft
An evocative photograph of Virginias parachute training, presumably at RAF Henlow. One wonders what the chap with the Lewis gun mounted on the tender is potting at; not, hopefully, drifting parachutists.
A puzzle picture. What is the purpose of the wheel the occupant of this Virginia turret is holding? We think it’s probably the steering wheel from his car and he’s just holding it thus as a joke.
RAF airmen being trained in the use of parachutes by means of the "pull-off" method at RAF Henlow. The pupil stood on the little platform at the base of outer rear interplane strut, pulled his ripcord and the opening parachute carried him away from the machine - provided he let go of the strut!
Virginia X J7567 of 9 Sqn, coded L, pictured after an incident in the mid-Thirties in which the tail end of the bomber was wrenched downwards and almost severed.
Virginia J7275 looking rather forlorn at Ford. J7275 was last flown in October 1935.
KEITH WOODCOCK’S painting depicts a Virginia dropping parachutes.
Vickers Virginia Jupiter engines