Aeroplane Monthly 1993-05
Plane Crazy
This photograph of Dakota IV KN594 has been sent in by Allan Church of Epping, Essex. On October 1, 1945 this Dak lost an engine while taking off from Mingaladon, Penang. It sank back to the ground and slid into a ditch. It was subsequently buried under the runway extension and was struck off RAF charge in May 1946.
In August 1964 a contingent of Metropolitan police was flown from RAF Northolt to Lydd, Kent by RAF Argosy to aid the Hastings police in dealing with beach and street disturbances.
For many years French engineer M Payen was engaged in the research and development of the delta wing. Seen here is one of his futuristic pre-war designs, the Type 112G. He was still at it after the war and on January 22, 1954 his PA.49 experimental single-seat jet-propelled delta-wing monoplane made its first flight. The all-wooden aircraft was powered by a Turbomeca Palas turbojet engine and with fixed landing gear could scuttle around at 310 m.p.h.