Aeroplane Monthly 1993-08
M.Oakey, J.Dibbs - Black Magic
Newly-restored Bristol Blenheim IV G-BPFV high over Wyton with John Romain at the controls.
Duxford's newly-restored Bristol Blenheim IV G-BPIV/"Z5722" airborne in the hands of John Romain on June 20, 1993.
On May 28, 1993 Viscount Rothermere named the Blenheim Spirit of Britain First in honour of his grandfather, the first Viscount, who initiated the Blenheim line in 1935 with the private-venture Bristol 142 Britain First He was joined in the naming ceremony by Violet, Lady Aitken; G-BPLV is painted as Z5722, the personal aircraft of her late husband, Wg Cdr the Hon Max Aitken.
The team’s first Blenheim, “V6028” / G-MKIV, which was rebuilt over 12 years and flown briefly in 1987 before it crashed at Denham.
The Blenheim departs Biggin Hill on June 20, 1993 for its first show of the day, at Cosford, before returning to display “off the top” at Biggin.
Part of the crowd of invited guests at Duxford on May 28, 1993
Most of the restoration team members were present for the Blenheim’s first flight on May 18, 1993. G-BPIV was piloted by "Hoof" Proudfoot (centre left in green flying suit). The core of the team comprises “Smudger” Smith (left), Colin Swann (second from left), Bev Gardner (not present), team leader Graham Warner (holding the bubbly), and John Romain (in front of Warner).
John Romain puts the Blenheim in the near vertical.
Romain peels away from the camera aircraft, flown by Lee Proudfoot. The other camera-aircraft pilot for these air-to-air pictures was Norman Lees.