Aeroplane Monthly 1993-09
O.Thetford - By day and by night
26 марта 1927г.: прототип Handley Page Hinaidi Mk I совершил первый полет. Самолет на основе ранее выпущенного Hyderabad поступил на вооружение 99-й эскадрильи, базировавшейся в Аппер Хейфорде, Оксфордшир.
Hyderabad J9032 and Hinaidi J8317 of 99 Sqn at RAF Waddington in August 1930.
Hinaidi II K1075 of 99 Sqn up from RAF Upper Heyford in May 1933. The squadron operated the type from October 1929 until March 1934 and Hyderabads from December 1925 until January 1931.
A STEEP BANK: The earth is not really standing up on end. This "Hinaidi" was in a steep bank when our photographer took it from another machine above.
J9126, the prototype Handley Page Clive bomber-transport. It was first flown on February 18, 1928 and appeared at that year’s RAF Display at Hendon. Later it was registered G-EBYX, sold to Alan Cobham and named Youth of Australia.
Hyderabads of 99 Sqn from RAF Upper Heyford en route to the RAF Display, held at RAF Hendon on June 30, 1928.
A splendid view of a 503 County of Lincoln Special Reserve Squadron Hinaidi probably taken at RAF Waddington. Note the squadron crest on the nose.
SINISTER: A Handley Page "Hinaidi" night bomber with two Bristol "Jupiter" engines, belonging to No. 99 (Bomber) Squadron at Upper Heyford.
Metal Hinaidi K1075 of 99 Sqn from Upper Heyford, photographed in May 1933. This aircraft was struck off RAF charge in January 1935 after four years’ service with the squadron.
Hyderabad J7748, a former 99 Sqn aircraft, pictured in December 1926 at the time it was being used on autopilot tests. It was returned to the squadron in March 1927.
Hinaidi assembly line
10 Sqn Hinaidis with K1919 in the foreground. They were delivered during the first half of 1931 during the period that the squadron moved from Upper Heyford to Boscombe Down.
Hyderabad J8317 of 99 Sqn on its nose at the edge of a road near Leeds in October 1926.
A somewhat crumpled Hinaidi - location and date of its sudden arrival unknown.
Hyderabad and Hinaidi squadron colours