Aeroplane Monthly 1993-09
C.Prower - From Brisfit to Beverley: Trixie and T-force (6)
A captured Bachem Ba 349 Natter at Freeman Field in the USA. This semi-expendable rocket-propelled single-seat interceptor fighter was fitted with an ejection seat and had an initial climb rate of around 35,000ft / min. Armed with either 24 or 33 rocket projectiles, the Ba 349 was a desperate late-war attempt to combat USAAF intruders.
More than 1,500 Gotha Go 242 transport gliders were produced. The 80ft 4in-span craft normally carried two pilots and 21 fully-equipped troops. It entered service in 1942. A powered variant, the Go 244, was used in small numbers in the Western Desert and the Middle East.
The Me 323 was the powered version of the Gigant glider. The 180ft 5in-span transport entered service in 1942.