Aeroplane Monthly 1993-10
M.Oakey - Grapevine
A new arrival at the Caproni Museum at Trento in Northern Italy is former Lebanese Savoia-Marchetti S.M.79 L-113, which has survived 25 years’ storage in the Bekaa Valley. The three-engined transport will be exhibited in its Lebanese colours.
Skysport Engineering’s recently-restored Miles Falcon G-AEEG in new colours over the Old Warden area on August 20, 1993.
Two Bristol Blenheims. The one at the back needs no introduction; the one at the front is Bristol cars’ sole prototype handbuilt Blenheim saloon, a new all-aluminium beauty which was at Duxford on August 19, 1993 for a photocall with its illustrious bomber namesake.
Coming together: the Yorkshire Air Museum’s Handley Page Halifax replica Friday the 13th, rolled out at Elvington on Friday, August 13, 1993, is unmistakable now that its fins are in place and its characteristic colours, courtesy of Hull-based paint specialists Coo-Var Ltd, have been applied. The aircraft is being rebuilt utilising a Hastings centre-section and restored surviving Halifax sections.
The Brussels Air Museum’s newly-restored static Percival Gull 4 G-ACGR basks in the sun against the classical backdrop of the city’s Parc du Cinquantenaire, which must be the world’s most impressive aviation museum forecourt.
First air-to-air of one of the Texas Airplane Factory’s four Grumman F3F replicas, which carry original manufacturer’s plates for historic identity. The Lone Star Flight Museum’s 0972 / N20RW won the Phoenix Award at Oshkosh.
Grumman F3F-2 N20RW airborne over Galveston, Texas, on July 21, 1993. One of four built to original factory drawings by Herb Tischler and all now delivered to their new owners, N20RW has gone to the Galveston-based Lone Star Flight Museum.
Wartime RAF training in the USA was celebrated at Old Warden on July 4, 1993 with a Stearman fly-in to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Arnold Scheme. No fewer than eight Stearmans attended, and the cup for the best-preserved example went to PT-17 118 (foreground), owned by Vic Hopper.
Built by Rod Bellamy at Land’s End, the Macchi M.39 was displayed at Thorpe Park before being sold to the USA.
With just cowlings and fairings to be added, Repeat Aircraft’s D.H.88 Comet racer replica N88XD/“G-ACSS” taxies past at California’s Flabob Airport on July 24, 1993.
Twang! The Shuttleworth Collection’s Summer Air Fete at Old Warden on August 1, 1993 was considerably enlivened by the bungee-launching of the English Electric Wren. Thanks to an energetic group of pullers and a stout rubber rope the engagingly underpowered Lympne Trials ultralight made three hops with Bill Bowker aboard. Six volunteers provided the necessary impetus - next time they plan to try eight, and a lighter pilot.
John Greenland’s Comper Swift G-LCGL flies past at about 20ft on its first official flight, which took place from the owner / builder’s private Wiltshire strip at 0930hr on August 7, 1993, with Capt Greenland at the controls.
On July 25, 1993 at Brooklands, the site of Britain’s first gliding school, Kirby Kite BGA251 made its first flight in over 50 years; the pilot was Bob Boyd, seen here.
N35TS made its debut at the 1971 Reno meeting as the Hanson Special Thunderchicken. Tom Summers flew it as Sump’n Else from 1974 to 1986.
Now on show in Brooklands’ glider exhibition, which is being extended until November 1993, is Scud III BGA684 - originally the Carden-Baynes Auxiliary prototype - which on June 13 took to the air for the first time in 33 years from Dunstable, at the end of a restoration begun by Les Collins and just completed by Ted Hull.
The last racing design produced by Keith Rider was the R-6. It flew in 1938 but after a poor 1939 racing season it was placed in storage in California.