Aeroplane Monthly 1993-10
T.Nelson - Falling stars (1)
The first three completed Comet Is in formation early in 1951. The first production aircraft, G-ALYP, is nearest the camera. It was lost in the sea off Elba on October 1, 1954. Comet prototype G-ALVG is in the centre and G-ALZK completes the trio.
A Comet under construction at Hatfield in 1952, showing the rear of the pressurised fuselage about to be mated with the tail section.
First flown on April 9, 1952, from Hatfield, Comet 1 G-ALYV had been in service with BOAC less than a year when it was lost in a crash near Calcutta on May 2, 1953.
Ill-fated Comet 1 G-ALYZ pictured at Hatfield on September 22, 1949 the day before its first flight.
Canadian Pacific Comet 1A CF-CUN Empress of Hawaii was destroyed at Karachi while on its delivery flight on March 3, 1953.