Aeroplane Monthly 1993-10
P.Jarrett - By day and by night: Hawker Horsley
Horsley first prototype J7511 in its original form with the radiators located on the fuselage flanks.
All-metal Horsley J8932, fitted with the Rolls-Royce H.10 engine, at Martlesham Heath. After carrying out performance trials with torpedo and bombs the aircraft crashed at Farnborough on May 4, 1931.
A torpedo drops away from Horsley III S1246 of 36 Sqn.
Horsley S1436 shared with J8611 the brunt of Rolls-Royce P.V.12/Merlin flight test­ing during 1934-37.
Another view of the prototype Horsley after modification. The radiator has been repositioned to beneath the nose and the undercarriage redesigned.
View of Horsley J8006. This, the tenth Mk II, was the prototype torpedo bomber. It spent much of its life with the Development Flight at Gosport but crashed and overturned at Donibristle on March 14, 1932.
J8607, the Hawker Horsley in which Flt Lt C. R. Carr and Flt Lt L. E. M. Gillman flew from RAF Cranwell to the Persian Gulf on May 20-21, 1927, seen here flying from Brooklands.
Horsley J7989 at Brooklands. This aircraft was from the original production batch of ten and was completed in late 1926. After a short period with 100 Sqn J7989 flew with the Anti-aircraft Co-operation Flight.
WHERE IS THAT BATTLESHIP? The Hawker "Horsley" torpedo-carrier, with Rolls-Royce "Condor" engine, is the latest form which this surprising machine has taken. Normally, it is the standard bomber of the R.A.F., but has also been produced as a long-distance aeroplane.
J8006 is making a very low pass at Brooklands.
Horsley J7721 being put through its paces at Brooklands in early 1926. It is powered by a 650 h.p. Rolls-Royce Condor engine.
Horsley II J8620 with an Armstrong Siddeley Leopard II engine.
Horsley II S1452 fitted with a target-towing winch.
Horsley J7721 at the RAE in June 1926. This aircraft appeared at the 1926 RAF Display at Hendon numbered 13, as seen on its fuselage in this picture. From July 1926 until May 1927 it was flown on performance trials.
S1236 was the first production Horsley torpedo bomber. It is pictured at Martlesham Heath in the summer of 1928.
KEITH WOODCOCK’S painting depicts Horsley J7793 of 33 Sqn taking off for an early-morning sortie.