Aeroplane Monthly 1993-10
Personal album
4 FTS Harvards EX676 and EX420 formate on a third Harvard on a sortie out of Heany. After 40hr on Tigers, pupils graduated on to Harvards for a further 40hr, during which they were taught the rudiments of instrument flying, and the arts of formation flying and bombing. Eight 25lb smoke bombs could be carried, and high- and low-level bombing practice was carried out on a range some miles from Heany.
Another close-up of David Vernon, this time surrounded by a 4 FTS Harvard.
David Vernon pictured in a Heany Harvard in 1949. Note the summer attire!
Tiger Moth MC542 of 4 FTS, Rhodesian Air Training Group, climbing out of Heany aerodrome - visible in the haze in the background - in May 1949.
4 FTS Tiger Moth DX709 flying from Heany in 1948 with Terry Kingswood and his instructor obviously enjoying the experience.
4FTS Tiger Moth T6742 flying over the “Bundu” from Heany in 1948. One of a batch of 2,000 Tigers delivered between May 1940 and April 1941, T6742 was diverted to the South African Air Force in October 1941 to become 2218. In May 1947 it returned to the RAF.
A close-up of David Vernon flying Tiger Moth DX600 from Heany in 1948.