Aeroplane Monthly 1993-10
M.Retallack - Mastering the Mossie (1)
Percival Prentices of the Flying Training School of the RAF College, Cranwell over local countryside early in 1949. The type replaced the College’s Tiger Moths and instruction on the Prentice commenced at Cranwell in September 1948.
Another view of HCEU Mosquito T.III TV959, flying from White Waltham in October 1958 with starboard prop feathered. This aircraft ended its days with the Civil Anti-Aircraft Co operation Unit at Exeter in 1963.
Mosquito T.III TV959 of the RAF's Home Command Examining Unit airborne from White Waltham in October 1958.
Mosquito T.III VT621 of 204 AFS, pictured in October 1951. This aircraft later passed to 1 Overseas Ferry Unit and was struck off RAF charge in October 1956.
The author with Mosquito T.III VT621 in November 1951.
Some of the students of 204 AFS in autumn 1951. From left to right: Sgt Richmond, the author, Plt Off A. N. Other, Flt Lt Bennett, Sgt Kennett and Lt Pertot of the Yugoslavian Air Force (in civvies).
Sgt Hamon, the author’s navigator for the high-level navigational exercise.