Aeroplane Monthly 1993-10
D.Giffin - Canadian Chilton
The striking paint scheme of Don Giffin’s Chilton echoes the style of pre-war British light aircraft. The tailwheel, sliding canopy and VW engine bring this 1930s design in line with the 1990s.
The Chilton’s wing panels are doped, and the fuselage has a final coat of enamel over the dope.
For the Chilton’s first flight Giffin engaged a test pilot. Small trim problems were addressed with strategically-placed tabs, but these were subsequently removed.
C-GIST is powered by a 60 h.p. Volkswagen engine, driving a 54in-diameter two-bladed wooden propeller. Original Chiltons have flown with Carden Ford, Lycoming and Train engines.