Aeroplane Monthly 1993-10
Plane Crazy
"Smoke on, go!" This remarkable photograph of three BAe 146s in close formation was taken at the 1992 Farnborough Air Show by B. G. Gardiner of Tilford, near Farnham in Surrey.
Most people are content to have ornamental ponds or plastic gnomes in their back gardens; not so Colin Mears of Sidcup, Kent - he has the front end of a Vulcan instead.
This neat little two-seater's design goes back to the mid-war years, when Italian Capt Mantelli designed and built a single-seat twin-boom pusher monoplane known as the AM.6. The Alaparma company was formed at Parma to develop the design and I-DONP, seen here, was a two-seat development produced in the early Fifties called the Baldo. The aircraft could be folded to fit a space little more than 9ft x 9ft and had an all-up weight of just less than 1,000lb. Power was provided by either a 75 h.p. Praga D or a 65 h.p. Walter Mikron III. Maximum speed for both variants was around 130-135 m.p.h. Pictured here is a Praga-engined Baldo 75.