Aeroplane Monthly 1993-11
A US Navy Douglas Dauntless dive bomber over a Japanese-held target in the pacific.
Part of Cardington’s main restoration workshop, with North American Harvard FE905 in front of Supermarine Southampton flying-boat N9899.
The third prototype Gloster E.1/44 in company with the prototype Meteor F.8. VT150 was a modified F.4 airframe with cockpit canopy and restyled tailplane almost identical to those of the E.1/44.
Three Miles Magisters in the air together for the first time in nearly five decades. The Shuttleworth Collection’s P6382 is in the foreground, accompanied by Tony Smith’s T9738 and Adrian Brook’s V1075. GORDON BAIN took the picture near Old Warden on September 5, 1993.