Aeroplane Monthly 1993-11
H.Levy - Darden's Dolphin
Darden operates his Dolphin from a nearby lake at his Lexington, South Carolina, home.
Colgate Darden about to pull his Dolphin off the water - normally NC14025 takes 30-40 seconds to unstick.
On 58 per cent power NC14025 cruises at 95kt, burning 46gal an hour.
With Dunlops dangling Darden approaches at 70kt and lands the amphibian at 50kt.
Taking off from grass uses up 1,000ft. Darden normally climbs the Dolphin away at 70kt at 300 to 400ft/min.
Two photographs showing the cockpit instrumentation. Most of it, including the throttles, is carried on the overhead panel.
The Dolphin’s passenger cabin, looking towards the cockpit. Note the wing spar passing across the roof.