Air International 1989-01
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D XXI Nr 213 (c/n 5486), the second LVA (Luchtvaartafdeling) production aircraft. Illustrated in insignia used prior to October 1939, it was assigned to the 2e JaVa (Jachtvliegtuigafdeling) based at Schiphol and operating (11-14 May 1940) from an airstrip at Buiksloot.
D XXI Nr 237 (c/n 5510) of the 1e JaVa of the LVA operating from the naval air base at De Kooy, near Den Helder, in April 1940. Destroyed in a hangar on 10 May. Note "Three White Mice" emblem of the 1e JaVa on the engine cowling. The inverted black-edged orange triangle national marking was adopted October 1939.
A D XXI of the 2.Eskadrille of the Danish Haerens Flyvertropper based at Vaerlose, April 1940. Built by the Army Aviation Troops' Workshops, this D XXI saw no combat and was placed in storage at Klovermarken.
D XXI FR-97 of 4/LLv 24 (4.lentue/Lentolaivue 24) flown by Lt J Sarvanto and operating from Immola, winter 1939-40. Note temporary winter finish on upper surfaces. This aircraft was transferred to LLv 32 in April 1940, and, during the "Continuation War", flew from Hyvinkaa and Utti. Shot down on 25 July 1941.
D XXI FR-124 of 2./LLv 30 flown by Lt V Sauru from Hyvinkaa and subsequently Utti during summer 1941. Transferred to 1./LLv 30 in May 1942 and operated from Suur-Merijoki and Suulajarvi, crashing on 1 October 1942. Note Twin Wasp Junior engine and accompanying enlarged vertical tail surfaces.
A Vought A-7D, serial 75-0386, in the now-standard two-grey finish of the ANG Corsair IIs, this example being from the 150th TFG, Kirtland AFB, New Mexico.
The Lockheed CT-33 serial 133266 in new Canadian Forces colours, with a mid-grey overall finish and red tip tanks.
Providing proof positive that there is absolutely no connection, other than subject matter, between the Frog and the Minicraft/Academy kits of the Lockheed PV-1, these photographs afford direct comparison of the principal components of the two kits - the darker items being the Minicraft/Academy components.