Air International 1989-05
R.Shaw - Cobras, Bulldogs and Blackjacks ... the jet fighters of the Philippine Air Force
An F-86F in the Basa Museum collection, and the markings of the "Blue Diamonds" which it bore when operating with the 6th TFS.
"Shark of Zambales" is the name sported by the North American P-51D Mustang in the Basa Museum, recalling its use by Lt Col B N Ebuen, who was later to become C-in-C of the Philippine Air Force.
Now in a two-grey camouflage, the Vought F-8H Crusaders of the 7th TFS have lost the original Bulldog emblem on the fin.
Similarly contrasting views of 105th CCTS Lockheed T-33As.
Contrasting photographs of 6th TFS Northrop F-5As at Basa in (upper photo) the new all-grey finish and (lower photo) natural metal finish, with the latter aircraft bearing the distinctive markings of the "Blue Diamonds" aerobatic display team.